We help organisations achieve extraordinary business performance by using a whole systems approach to enhance Leadership, team and organizational effectiveness.



We are a team of specialists providing leadership, team and organisational 
development services that facilitate transformational learning, innovation and change with individuals, teams and organisations.


We are passionate about delivering excellent results and excellent service. As professional Organisational Development consultants, we partner with our clients to ascertain and address their needs by designing bold solutions that uniquely meet their business requirements.


With operations in Switzerland and the UK and an established partnership of international consultants across Europe and North America, Villiger McNeill Consulting can be anywhere, anytime, working effectively in any culture.


Everything we do is informed by our values. It is how we work, how we live and, most importantly, how we deliver to our clients.


Our Values


✔ Build partnerships based on integrity,respect and trust
✔ Design systemic and creative solutions that are unique to clients needs
✔ Translate creative concepts into pragmatic and sustainable solutions
✔ Embrace continual learning, transformational change and growth
✔ Bring passion, vitality, care and commitment to our work


Our systemic approach enhances:




Letting go of habitual activities of the mind, focusing the mind and energy on the now. Accessing the internal power and wisdom within; enhancing self awareness, creativity and new possibilities for action


Vitality, liveliness and forcefulness.
Capacity of an individual or system to be engaged and motivated toward a sustained effort.


Dynamic state which occurs when groups interact congruently, generating results that are greater than the sum of their individual effects or capabilities. It is the ability of a group to outperform even its best individual members


Great companies successfully harness their people’s engagement and creativity to continually evolve towards sustainable value creation.